Prepare for a Calm, Positive Birth, Quickly and Easily

The Positive Birth Playbook is a common-sense, step-by-step childbirth preparation guide (based on hypnobirthing) used by thousands of women like you.

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Do you feel unprepared, nervous, or even afraid of giving birth?

If you do, you're not alone. Some studies have shown that nearly half of women are afraid of giving birth. I was one of them too!

Not feeling confident about childbirth, being afraid or tense about the process of childbirth, fear of labor pains, and fear of cesarean section are all very common concerns.

But it doesn't have to be this way!

Giving birth should be a joyful, amazing experience that you should cherish forever - not a day full of worry and uncertainty.

By preparing properly, you can take back control, remove your fears and go into labour feeling calm and confident. You also give your baby the best possible start to life - by welcoming them to the world in a calm and positive environment. 

Not only that, but preparing for childbirth properly can shorten labour time, help manage pain, reduce anxiety, reduce the chances of postnatal depression, and reduce the chance of medical intervention.

But how do you prepare properly?

My simple and easy to follow 'Positive Birth Playbook' teaches you everything you need to know so you're ready for whatever childbirth throws your way.

No need for long, tedious video courses or travel to expensive in person group sessions.

You can download the Positive Birth Playbook right now and start learning today.

Here's what's included:

The Hypnobirthing Essentials eBook (worth $19)

This is a short, easy to follow no-BS guide to hypnobirthing and childbirth. This 84 page playbook tells you everything you need to know about the birth process, your options, birth positions, breathing techniques, induction, caesarean births, visualisation and much more.

High-quality MP3s (worth $29)

These professional MP3's can be listended to anywhere. They will guide you through fear release, relaxation, breathing, and visualization. These alone, can transform your birth experience.

A Detailed Practice Schedule (worth $14)

Most guides teach you useful things, then leave it you you to put things together. Not this one. Once you've been through the guide, you get an easy to follow step-by-step practice guide so you know exactly how to prepare.

A Guide to the Big Day (worth $9)

This is what it's all about! The big day. This guide gives you a step-by-step breakdown of what is likely to happen when you go into labour and what you should do at each step. 

Printable Affirmations (worth $7.99)

A selection of affirmations to get you started with powerful daily affirmation practice. They can be added as wallpapers on your mobile, or printed off.

Checklists, Scripts & Birth Plan (worth $12)

You also get an ultimate packing checklist to make sure nothing is forgotten on the big day, all scripts in text format and an essential birth plan template that you can customize easily.

No need to watch hours of video content or go to expensive classes

My short, easy to follow no-BS guide to childbirth means you can start learning everything you need TODAY.

Simple Step-by-step instructions

My clear, simple and easy to follow instructions give you a day-by-day walkthrough of exactly how to prepare for a magical birth experience.

Lifetime Access

Once you sign up, you get access to the materials forever and are free to download them whenever you want.

What Other Mums Are Saying?

The Positive Birth Playbook has been selling fast since 2020. I've already helped thousands of women prepare for childbirth. Here's just a few of the great comments I get regularly... 

“I have used the kit for 1 week now, and I have 3 more weeks to go before my due date. I find the Hypnosis tracks are amazing, I have actually never heard a full track because they always get me so relaxed they put me right to sleep. The guide is a good easy read, and the schedule gives nice suggestions for how to practice each day.”


“Fantastic resources and guides for me and my husband to be able to start our Hypnobirthing journey. The kit is so practical and manageable, getting us ready for the end of our pregnancy and the arrival of our new family member.”


“Thanks so much for this. I really wasn’t sure about hypnobirthing before I bought your guide. It’s really taught me a lot and helped me feel calmer about giving birth (6 weeks to go!).”

Lisa Ratcliffe

“Informative and insightful. Empowering you before birth and beyond!”

Sarah Browning

“I’ve been following one of the guides you recommended for 3 weeks now and I’m loving the process. My husband is enjoying it as well!”

Grace Robinson

“After giving this a try, I can really feel the benefits already. I feel far more positive and confident about my labour coming up next month..”

Linda Scott

Hypnobirthing in the Media

Women all over the world are realizing the power of hypnobirthing and positive birth preparation techniques.

Ready to Get Started?

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Here's a reminder of everything you're going to get...

The Hypnobirthing Essentials eBook to teach you everything you need to know about giving birth in a simple, easy to follow and practical way.
High-quality MP3s to guide you effortlessly through releasing your fears, relaxation, breathing and visualisation. 
A detailed practice schedule to show you exactly what to do and when on a day-by-day basis.
A guide to the big day which will explain what is likely to happen when you give birth and when to use the new techniques you've learnt in the guide.
Printable affirmations to make affirmation practice as simple as possible. Print them off or save them as wallpapers on your phone.
A packing checklist to show your exactly what you need on the big day, including often forgotten about, easy to miss items.
Hypnobirthing scripts for your birth partner to read to you to help you relax and prepare for a positive birth.
A customizable birth plan which is detailed enough to plan your birth experience but simple enough for your caregivers to quickly scan and understand.

I want everyone to be completely satisfied with this guide, and I’m so confident that you will love it that it comes with a straightforward money back guarantee. If you don’t believe the course is worth the price you paid, then simply email [email protected] and you will get a full refund. No questions asked.

It’s as simple as that!

No need to watch hours of video content or go to expensive classes

My short, easy to follow no-BS guide to childbirth means you can start learning everything you need TODAY.

Simple Step-by-step instructions

My clear, simple and easy to follow instructions give you a day-by-day walkthrough of exactly how to prepare for a magical birth experience.

Lifetime Access

Once you sign up, you get access to the materials forever and are free to download them whenever you want.

Who Am I Anyway?

I’m a mum on a mission to help others achieve the positive, happy births they deserve.

The Positive Birth Playbook is the product I wish was available when I gave birth.

I developed this kit after being left underwhelmed with the hypnobirthing course my partner and I did before my son was born (which cost hundreds of dollars).

Don’t get me wrong, it did help me through my labour but I felt there was a lot of room for improvement.

I saw an opportunity to create something different. Something that anyone could afford and would give them all the tools they needed to get started, quickly and easily.

So in 2020, whilst working as an NHS Occupational Therapist that I made the decision to become a registered hypnobirthing teacher and create ‘The Positive Birth Playbook’.

After attending courses, assessing other products on the market, and working with professional hypnotists (with hypnobirthing experience), midwives and doulas, I’ve been able to launch a no-nonsense, straight-talking positive birth guide that anyone can learn from the comfort of their own home.

I really hope that you love The Positive Birth Playbook.

I’d love to hear your feedback or answer any questions you have, so please get in touch at [email protected].

Common Question?

Here's some of the questions I get from time to time. If you need to know anything else, don't hesitate to reach out.

How do I get the course?

When you purchase, you’ll be provided with a link that will contain all the files, ready for you to download. 

How long will it take to complete?

I recommend at least 30 minutes a day but the course has practice activities scheduled to take up to an hour every day for 4 weeks if you have time. The program is adaptable and will work well even if you can’t find time for all of the activities every day. You can get great results with just a few hours each week.

Will I be hypnotised?

You'll be guided through some relaxations and visualisations but won’t be in a trance-like state some people associate with hypnosis. You’ll simply be very relaxed and you’ll be totally aware of what is happening. Just like when you are tired and drifting to sleep, or daydreaming. These are natural states we all experience every day.

Will I be able to give birth without any pain?

This guide, and other hypnobirthing approaches can certainly help with pain, but it would be wrong to claim that it can prevent all pain for everyone. Some women are able to have pain free births but these are not the norm. You can expect hypnobirthing to make any pain less intense, and to make it easier to deal with pain but not prevent it altogether.

What format are the materials in?

This online hypnobirthing course is delivered in a variety of formats. There will be MP3s to listen to as well as text documents in PDF format to read. They can all be downloaded from your folder when you purchase the course and you’ll have access to them forever.

Why such as low price?

I want this program to be available to everyone. Not everyone can afford hundreds of dollars on courses and not everyone has a course near them either. This is a condensed program designed to teach you all of the most important things whilst leaving out the things you don’t need. This makes the program easier to follow whilst providing great results.

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