Hypnobirthing Videos

Maybe you’ve heard about hypnobirthing and you’re keen to learn hypnobirthing for your own childbirth. If so, you’re probably interested in what hypnobirthing actually looks like in practice.

After all, most of the videos we see of women giving birth in movies and TV shows are nothing like hypnobirthing births so chances are, a hypnobirth will look quite different to you.

Luckily, many amazing women from all over the world have filmed their hypnobirthing births so we can all see what it involves.

I’m going to share some of these videos with you below so you can see for yourself how amazing hypnobirthing can be.

It is important to remember that hypnobirthing can look different for everyone. It can work for home births, hospital based birth and caesareans.

With that in mind, lets take a look at some beautiful births made available online that show the principles of hypnobirthing in action…

The birth below is a hospital hypnobirth and second VBAC for this amazing mum. Just look how calm she is as she focusses on her breathing techniques.

Here, we can see another amazing birth. This time in a birth centre environment. You can see many hypnobirthing principles at play here; a calm, relaxing environment, the mother staying mobile and finding positions she likes, amazing support from the birth partner, avoiding giving birth on her back and immediate skin to skin contact are just some of the things you will notice.

In this incredible video, we can see what a home-based hypnobirth can look like. This mum decided to birth at home, surrounded by her loved ones in the perfect environment for her. You’ll notice the lovely lighting, the scents being used, the support of the family and much more. What an amazing hypnobirthing video.

Key Takeaways

On this page you can see three different settings, each showing how hypnobirthing techniques helped to achieve beautiful, positive birth experiences for these mums.

Why do they look so different from the traumatic births we often see on movie and TV screens? Well, these women decided to take the time to prepare for birth and go against the status quo.

They thought about how they wanted their babies to enter the world and did everything in their power to make it happen in a way they felt happy with. This is different for everyone, but you can see from the videos above that childbirth can be a calm, positive and empowering experience and it doesn’t have to revolve around trauma and pain, which is what many women associate with giving birth.

You can learn hypnobirthing principles yourself too. You’ve already taken the first step by seeing what a positive childbirth can look like. If you would like to learn more, my online hypnobirthing course can get you started.

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